Get all of this:


In one SMASHING Enterprise Video Marketing + Live Stream Shopping
Platform that drives revenue!

Your Video | Your Audience | Your Universe | Your Control


Own your content.
Use your own custom, white labelled conferencing solution. Indexed and meta-tagged for rich SEO value. Hosted for you in the cloud.
Don’t be at the mercy of Social Channels. Distribute your content on your terms. Host it in your own cloud.


Monetize your audience.
Don’t accept pennies from YouTube. Ads, sponsorships and product placements are all in your control.

User Experience

Create your own user experience.
Don’t let social networks distract your audience, and lose valuable calls to action.

Data + Analytics

Make your videos search engine friendly.
Get deep data on viewership. Don’t lose all that search engine juice. Tag your videos with granular, dynamically indexable metadata. Get critical, actionable data on who is engaging with your content.

Our Mission: Brands with large audiences should drive their fans back to their website and not build their house on the rented land of social channels.

Gary Vee Say What? You agree…

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Simplify and Monetize Your Video Operations.

With Your Own Hybrid Video on Demand Platform.

MediaMash is a complete end-to-end enterprise video communications platform. Never rely on Social Media channels for your content delivery again!

• White-labeled, all-in-one platform
• Create new revenue streams
• Monetize your video content
• Freedom from social channels
• Deep audience development
• Drive traffic to your website
• Remarket to your audience
• Reduce ad spend
• Significantly improve SEO

Powered by MediaMash. Customized by You.

Audience Development

Create an engaging user experience for your audience with bi-directional communication. Receive audience sentiment, and rich data with deep analytics on all viewer engagements.

We have extensive use cases for the following verticals:

• Corporate Communications (internal and external)
• Sales and Marketing Enablement
• Customer Service
• Human Resources
• Speakers + Influencers
• Learning Management