Donna Vallario


Obsessed with all things digital, Donna has worked on marketing strategies in verticals from the oldest bank in Nigeria to a franchise fitness firm.

At MediaMash her mission is to bring brands “Back to the Future” by driving their traffic away from social channels and back to the company website.

During a stint as a Senior Digital Strategist, Donna created digital, website, brand and marketing strategies for clients in B2B and B2C companies, both traditional and eCommerce.

Basically a homebody and computer geek, Donna enjoys being social from the comfort of her desk. But she will go out to teach seminars on Social Media, including Linkedin, facebook and Twitter.

As CEO of MediaMash, Donna has been immersed in the SaaS world and it’s language. MediaMash has been the culmination of her expertise in marketing tech and leadership skills. The possibilities of having your video on your website are endless and as an eCommerce expert, Donna is passionate about livestream shopping and the impact it will have on eCommerce.

Recent speaking engagements include Fashion Digital, The CEO Network, Shopify / Refersion Meetup and the Digital Innovation Conference in NYC on on topics such as eCommerce, Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing.

Listen to a recent podcast interview on Top Entrepreneurs with @NathanLakta here:

Greg Lind


Greg has been in software development since 1997 beginning at a small web development shop in Portland Oregon. He has a deep interest in open source and improving everything from the speed and craftmanship of software as well as code quality and documentation, to accessibility and use experience. He has built many successful tools/services and applications from idea inception to MVP.

He talent is in creating a successful process for building, growing, and scaling mission critical business to business software. Not everyone understands what a microservice is, or what Kubernetes means or even how to pronounce it, but Greg and his team eats, sleeps, and dreams this stuff.

His extended teams work from a strict process and methodology of success. Greg is a great leader with a pragmatic focus on creating the best process forward. When Greg isn’t behind his monitor at work, he is with his family doing something geeky or building a computer with his son.